Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Start

I've been playing Iron Warriors in Warhammer 40k since the second edition Codex first came out. I loved the embittered hate filled touch's of the Iron Warriors, and of course they were easy to paint, probably says a lot about me at that age, lazy and grumpy (I don't think I've changed that much). 
Since starting to actively paint my miniatures again I've wanted to write a blog about how my painting has changed over the years from the god awful "PUNCH IT WITH PAINT!" approach to my fitful attempts at blending.

One of the big things I want to do as part of this blog is to show how I'm representing my up and coming cult counts as troops in my army in keeping with the Iron Warrior theme and theme of my army overall with their background and story.

Without further ado I will explain my current thoughts on what I'm doing with my cult troops. 
Plague Marines: Like everyone else who plays the men of Iron I think "Bionic" when I think of my bloated cousins. I will be using Anvil Industry's Bionic gear and the lovely Renaissance torso's which I think complement the Iron Warrior Aesthetic. Veteran Marines with no fear of death because there is not enough organic left to fear with.
Noise Marines: Pre-heresy Forgeworld is the way to go. Mark II armour with Volkite Calivers for Sonic Blasters. Veterans who've managed to keep their antiquated armour and weapons in the very peak of condition. Plus of course if I want an Icon of Excess, Apothecary here we come.
Khorne Berzerkers: I've already done them, I will be posting pictures of ones done in my youth compared to now.

Hopefully going to put some pictures up on Friday or Saturday.
Iron Within, Iron Without

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